Q. Do I have to pay for this program?

A. No


Q. On page 2 it states report cards are required once chosen and are due upon receipt.

A. Once you are notified that your child has been selected, please provide a copy of your child's last report card prior to the first day of the summer program.  Participants are also required to submit their 1st- 9weeks report card from the 2016-2017 school year.


Q. Do I have to mail the 1st 2016-2017 report card?

Report cards can be mailed or emailed to Masforthemasses@gmail.com



Q. How does the lottery system work?

A. If the summer program receives more students than it has spots available, applications will be assigned a number in the order received, and participants will be selected at random.


Q. Does the envelope have to been a specific size?

A. No


Q. What is the scholarship form? Is it part of the registration form?

A. The scholarship form is a separate application. If your child would like to apply for a college scholarship, please have them review the form and fill it out.


Q. Is the scholarship application to attend summer program?

A.  No


Q. Does my child need to fill out the scholarship form?

A. No


Q. My child is in 5th grade this year. Can my child still apply?

A. Yes


Q. My child is in 12th grade this year. Can my child still apply?

A. Yes






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