MAS for the Masses: How San Anto brings Xican@ studies to the gente

Iris "Tejaztlana" Rodriguez August 27, 2015


This past summer in the infamous Westside of San Anto, a six week program of Mexican American Studies courses called “MAS for the Masses” was offered for free to the community at the local father/son owned coffee shop Barrio Barista.



Westside’s Barrio Barista

Hosts M.A.S. for the Masses

Amanda Lozano

on 18 July, 2015 at 00:02


Hispanic: the word implies much more than a race. Behind it comes a vibrant, controversial history that many textbooks tend to overlook.


A few folks in the Westside of San Antonio are working hard to remedy the issue by hosting a six-week series of free Mexican-American studies classes for middle school and high school-aged kids at a favorite Westside hotspot called Barrio Barista.

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Rivard Report

San Antonio artist establishes

“M.A.S for the Masses

By KeAnna Whisenhunt
La Prensa de San Antonio


San Antonio native and artist Moni Avila has designed a program that will educate the public on the importance of Mexican American culture and its history.

Inspired by her own upbringing and family background, Moni Avila wanted to create a way for people to learn more about Mexican American history and the impact it has on the Alamo city.


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